RMB Investments

Do you know all your RMB investment options?

Investing in RMB can seem limiting – but there are more choices than you think.

Chinese Trust Investments

If you have 1 million RMB then you are able to access this market via our connections and contacts in the Chinese investment marketplace.

There are a range of investments including real estate trusts, private equity, asset backed lending as well as access to private investment pools via trust companies in an over the counter market. The founders of Caterer Goodman, with a long experience investing and living in Mainland China can help guide you to find a good investment option with RMB that has higher returns than bank interest with often less risk than the volatile Chinese stock market.

Who should consider?

  • If you have 1 million or more RMB to invest
  • Don’t require your money for 2-3 years
  • Want something not correlated with stock markets.

Chinese Unit Linked Insurance

If you have at least 100,000 RMB then you can invest, legally, in unit-linked insurance. This is essentially a fund of funds approach (high, medium, low) and is not a sophisticated product compared to overseas standards, but it is the best you can find for foreigners to invest their RMB.

Who should consider?

  • If you have RMB and a positive view on the Chinese stock-market.
  • Is your RMB working hard enough for you? If not, contact us.

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