One of our strong areas of interest, more so than other financial planners, is our belief that property can form an important part in generating wealth for an individual. Our biggest strength is picking the best partners for our clients.

Property Syndicates

The most interesting investments we believe are in the $2-$30 million dollar range. These are too big for the individual investor, yet too small to be interesting for a large property investment fund. In this sweet spot property syndicates can generate returns of 10-30% per annum with a well selected project.

Risk can be managed by investing in several different projects, which is possible with minimum investments of around $20,000 USD per project. This can include commercial property, retail shopping centers and land projects.

Who should consider?

  • You like property.
  • You want a passive property investment with a good rental yield.
  • Or, you already have stocks and shares and need to diversify.


Residential Property

Unlike others, we are not a big fan of investing in off-the-plan developments being marketed by developers. We tend to work with the best selection of buyers agents in most major markets of the US, UK and Australia to help identify the best investment or solution for you, not just the best marketed property.

If you’re looking to invest in property, we have many professional service providers to help us help you, offering a variety of solutions for our local and foreign clients.

Who should consider?

  • If you are looking to buy a property overseas and want a professional scout to find the best opportunity for your individual requirements.


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